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Termopac Meat Tray 4p White

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Termopac Meat Tray 4p (500) White


Display your freshest meats, fruits, and vegetables with this Termopac 4p foam tray! Made of sturdy, high-quality foam, this supermarket tray is perfect for arranging produce, poultry, and more to be stored or displayed in refrigerated merchandisers at your establishment. In addition, the 1.1″ sides are great for when your products require a little extra depth. The tray’s white color draws attention to the products featured inside, and can even be used for simple product identification. Whatever you use it for, this tray is a versatile option for delis, grocery stores, and similar venues.

  • Presentation: 1/500
  • Color: White
  • Measurements: 7.25″x9.5″x1.1″
  • Material: GPPS
  • Code: 900026
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