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Friendly Flame Gel Cooking Fuel 2.5 hour

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Friendly Flame Gel Cooking Fuel 2.5 hour (72cans x 200g)

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These Friendly Flame gel fuel canisters quickly warm foods with a high output thanks to their broad flame and hybrid design. This innovative hybrid design combines the high heating power of gel fuel with the safety and efficiency of wick fuel, while burning hotter than traditional wick chafer fuels. In fact, with this gel fuel canister, you’ll receive up to 2.5 hours of unwavering heat!

This Friendly Flame gel fuel canister features a convenient pop top design so that it can be closed easily and saved for future use. Plus, each canister stays cool to the touch when lit so you can ensure the safety of your staff while they work.

Burn Time 2.5 Hr.
Fuel Material Diethylene Glycol
Fuel Type Gel Fuel
Type Chafing Fuel
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