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Del Cesar Spaghetti (200g)

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Del Cesar Spaghetti (200g) 20x200g pasta


A popular pasta shape in America and many other countries across the world, Del Cesar spaghetti is a must-have addition to any kitchen.

Spaghetti pasta is characterized by thin, rod-shaped noodles formed into long strands which are thicker than angel hair pasta. Spaghetti is thin enough to serve with light or creamy sauces, yet thick enough that it doesn’t get buried in hearty meat sauces. Keep your restaurant and home kitchen  in good supply when making a popular spaghetti dishes. Al dente or soft, drizzled with olive oil or covered in sauce, this spaghetti is the perfect all-purpose item to satisfy your customers.

Grain Type White
Package Size 200g x 20packs
Type Spaghetti
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