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Del Cesar Penne Pasta (400g)

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Del Cesar Penne Pasta (400g) 20x400g



A staple food in many traditional Italian dishes, penne rigate is a must-have addition to any kitchen. One of the most popular forms of pasta, penne means “quills” in Italian, referring to the pointed, angle-cut ends of the pasta. Penne features a tube-shaped noodle with small ridges along the exterior, and is a great complement to almost any sauce. The hollow shape and ridges, which will hold onto extra bits of meat, vegetables, and sauce, makes it especially perfect for hearty sauces containing lots of chopped ingredients. Use this penne to create creamy pasta dishes, delightful baked casseroles, or specialty pasta salads. No matter what you’re serving, this versatile pasta will bring authentic Italian flavor to any dish on your menu.

Grain Type White
Package Size  400g x 20 packs
Type Penne Rigate
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