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Covebay Cling Film With Dispenser 18×2000

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Covebay Cling Film With Dispenser 18×2000 – CBG-18X2000-CF-35GA


Easily cover, wrap, and seal in your food’s freshness with this Covebay 18″ x 2000′ foodservice film with serrated cutter! The 18″ width is great for covering containers or food items with large surface areas. Made of 35 gauge plastic, this foodservice film is flexible to provide the perfect cling, yet strong enough to resist rips and tears. This feature prevents gaps between the surface and the wrap to ensure that no air gets through to the food and that nothing inside leaks out. The clear material provides product visibility so that your offerings can be easily identified even when wrapped.

This film includes a convenient serrated cutter to allow for quick and safe cutting every time. Pair this roll with a compatible 18″ wide food wrap dispenser (sold separately) for even faster cutting. With 2000′ of film wrap in every roll you can be sure that your business is in good supply! Whether you’re wrapping brownies in your bakery, sandwiches and subs in your deli, or covering food in your restaurant, this Covebay foodservice film is sure to suit all of your needs.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 2000′
Width: 18″
Thickness: 45 gauge

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